These words have always been my company motto and reflect the level of service I have been providing to my customers for the last eighteen years.

I was originally trained in England as a bricklayer and since emigrating to Canada I have specialised in fireplaces and chimneys. Having broadened my knowledge by achieving 'Advanced Technician' and 'Advanced Chimney Sweep' certification from WETT, I am able to offer my customers a full range of qualified services for which I do all the work myself.

Please do contact me if you require any further information, I will be pleased to help. Richard Hartt.

What is WETT? Click here to read about my qualifications.

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technical Training and is a comprehensive series of courses recognised by the insurance industry and municipal building departments. How a fireplace is installed is vitally important to the homeowner’s safety and to the performance of the fireplace system. It is essential that the installer is fully experienced and qualified. Don’t be embarrassed to ask to see your installers certification. All WETT Certified members carry a wallet card with photo ID which they will be happy to show you. I strongly encourage homeowners to ask to see proof of current certification.

Part of the WETT training program is a code compliance course that ensures we are fully aware of all building code standards. We are required to complete refresher courses periodically to ensure we are up to date on any code changes. This is reflected in the level of service that I provide where the safety of you, your family and your property are paramount.